Developments in logistics in 2021

The coronavirus pandemic accelerated various trends in ecommerce logistics. Some things have drastically changed when it comes to shipments, consumer behavior, shipping fees and cross-border ecommerce. Here are some logistical developments to keep an eye on.

The world of logistics is always moving. But with the outbreak of the coronavirus in 2020 and the ongoing measures that resulted from this, things really accelerated. Ecommerce News Europe asked Jeroen Dekker, managing partner at fulfillment company Active Ants about the latest developments in logistics.

The rise of marketplace sellers

Due to the corona crisis, more and more companies are moving their business online. On the one hand, these are companies that were offline oriented and are now seizing their opportunities online. On the other hand, there are newcomers who are jumping on the opportunities offered by the ecommerce sector. “Especially with the possibilities offered by the various ecommerce software platforms, it’s just a small step to start selling online”, Dekker explains.

More and more international shipments

As a logical consequence of the possibilities offered by marketplaces, Dekker sees that an increasing number of shipments are sent internationally. And of course, cross-border ecommerce isn’t new. What’s new is that carriers are making more and more demands on the shipment. “Transporters prefer small, light packages. Fees are charged for anything larger or heavier than desired.”

Source: Ecommerce News

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