Inefficiencies in the supply chain, such as parts shortages, underutilized plant capacity, excessive inventory, or runaway transportation costs, are caused by inaccurate or untimely information and can waste as much as 25% of operating costs. Uncertainties also arise because many events cannot be foreseen—product demand, late shipments from suppliers, defective parts or raw material, or production process breakdowns.

Shorter product life cycles, global sourcing, and greater product variety have increased supply chain costs and complexity. The value chains of so many businesses are linked together that competitive advantage may be based on entire supply chains rather than individual firms.

Global markets – local management

Transglobal Import/Export Ltd. suppliers and customers are companies from all over the world including India, China, CIS countries, Europe and the United States.

Our supply chain management (SCM) today is not limited to order fulfillment but is tied to such strategic issues as the meeting all needs and completing all tasks on time.

Our partners, employees, system and infrastructure allow us to expand the geography, range of services, areas of activity to meet the diverse design, procurement and operational customers demand around the world.

Today’s competitive business environment calls for companies to pay much more attention to how they manage their supply chains. Customers are insisting on greater value, faster order fulfillment, and more responsive service when they make purchases.