JD opens distribution center in the Netherlands

Chinese ecommerce giant JD will open a new distribution center in the Netherlands. The B2C online retailer will open a site that’s 18,000 square meters big.

Two-thirds of this space will be used for warehouse storage, while over 30 percent will be used for mezzanine floors. The remaining 350 square meters is dedicated to office space.

The news has been announced by logistics real estate investor and developer DHG. The company recently signed a contract with JD the Chinese E-commerce company JD.com for the lease of the distribution center in Venray, in the south of the Netherlands.

JD.com sees opportunities in Europe

“Like other major global players, JD.com also sees opportunities in Europe and rents its first distribution center in the Netherlands”, DHG writes. In the new warehouse, JD.com will use automated guided vehicles (AGVs) to handle goods and support staff.

Source: Ecommerce News

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