The industrial machinery market is segmented into woodworking and paper machinery, printing machinery and equipment, semiconductor machinery, food product machinery, and other industrial machinery. Rapid advances in technology is expected to drive innovation in industrial machinery manufacturing.

In a production environment, single-function machines are being replaced by all-in-one equipment that covers the entire production process. To win more deals, manufacturers need to propose smarter and more flexible machines than their competitors.

In the face of fierce global competition, Industrial equipment manufacturers are incorporating services into their portfolio in order to boost their business.

New technology is enabling them to transition from a design to cost model to one based on design to service. OEMs can conduct a quick diagnostic of machine issues and implement a robust spare parts management process that ensures maximum equipment efficiency. This results in a timely and efficient customer response and significant increase in profit margin.

Aftermarket equipment search

Aftermarket team stands ready to help you with after-sales service, support and follow-ups, spare and wear parts, maintenance and repairs, process optimization, trainings. Check out our large inventory of parts for industrial equipment to find the part you need, and experience the convenience of a hassle-free delivery.

Keeping all paperworks and negotiating with manufacturers

It is important to keep the relationship in perspective; a relationship with a supplier is not an excuse for lack of due diligence. Buyers need to focus on negotiating and establishing the performance framework early in a supplier relationship to allow for continuous improvement. Approach negotiation with a holistic approach.

The logistics challenges have accelerated the digitization of the supply chain. Moving forward, the most of supply hubs must abandon outmoded practices to enhance their competitiveness and viability.

Streamline and automate processes that bog down operational resources. Legacy systems must be supplemented or replaced with affordable, easily updated outsourced supply chain management we provide.

Freight forwarding services

The service is based on the arrangement of cargo shipments on behalf of shippers. Freight forwarding services utilize existing carrier relationships to negotiate the lowest possible price for the movement of goods. This is performed along the most economical routes possible through the bidding and contract process. In the end, the goal is finding a carrier that provides the best balance of cost, speed, and overall reliability. The service completely cover ocean, ground, air freight transportation from origin and/or to destination.

Warehouse and consolidation services

The services offer competitive pricing based on service levels needed from a customer. Customers can also lower prices through the arrangement of consolidation with cargo from other customers. This allows for a single storage load for warehousing or transporting and will drastically reduce overall charges for the customer. On-site we provide preparation of documentation service, warehousing and storage services, consolidation and deconsolidation, cargo inspections and customs compliance documents.

Cargo shipping services

TranGlobal is an entity who arranges the import and export of cargo. Typically, we will provide a variety of supply chain services, including but not limited to freight forwarding and cargo shipping with export-import services. Knowledge and expertise are crucial in the import and export of products through customs clearance. TransGlobal has the most up-to-date information regarding customs regulations, and can handle documentation, pay tariffs and handle taxes. We will ship your cargo through their own bills of lading or waybill. Then, our destination agents (overseas) will provide delivery of documents, deconsolidation, and collection or delivery.